Fitness On Demand 24 x 7, is part of an exciting trend in adult fitness in Mooresville. Our 24 hour security and access system allows you to workout when you want.
The safety of our friends and clients will always remain our first concern. We have installed the latest in 24 hour video security. Located throughout the club are 4 mobile panic buttons that provide direct access to local emergency agencies. The key fobs keep track of member visits and allow for convenient 24 hour access..........We fit your busy lifestyle !!!
We filled our club with brand new Life Fitness Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes and Circuit machines. With our experience over the years in different clubs, we both agreed that Life Fitness was our favorite. Warm up or do all of your cardio on one of our Treadmills. They are pre-programmed with many challenging courses and levels, or you can set your own pace and incline. The Ellipticals are great for those who like to mix it up. With smooth action, they are high on results and low on joint impact. Take a long ride on one of our bikes. We have 2 so you can chat with a friend. The simplicity of the Circuit machines allow for ease of use with a more natural range of motion than other commercial machines, providing a total body workout. We like to think of it this way...
The better you look, the better we look!!!
Fitness On Demand is also large enough to satisfy the hardcore freeweight lover. We use rubber-encased Body Solid freeweights. The hand grips make it safer and easier for all members to load and unload the bar. York
rubber coated dumbbells (3 -100 lbs) are great for strength or stability exercises. Our Hammer Strength squat rack is perfect for those who want to build size......the big guys just love these. No club would be complete without a Life Fitness 5 Station Cable Crossover and Smith Machine.
Here at Fitness On Demand, we strongly believe that stability, balance and flexibility exercises are vital and should be included in all workout programs. In our stretching and cool down area, you will find plenty of extras; BOSU Balls, Medicine balls, Swiss balls, Aerobic steps, that can be used in any part of the club to crosstrain for your

Maximum Possible Results.

We can't wait to meet you. Welcome to our fitness club.
Dale & Robert
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