Weight Training exercises are essential for Building Muscle and Losing Fat. Combining Weight Training with a diet rich in protien and a good cardio routine will yeild the greatest results. Many of the benefits of Weight Training is increased metabolism for 24 hrs or burning calories while resting. Weight Training positively affects more than 650 muscles in your body while increasing bone density for people of all ages. Weight Training increases your self esteem and confidence and decreases your Blood Pressure. Weight Training increases your bodies natural healing properties and increases your HDL the good cholesterol it will also vasty improve your balance and coordination.
Fitness On Demand can help you change your life to make Building Muscle, Weight Loss, and health a life long achievable goal. Consistency is the most important factor for lifestyle change.
Fact: Every 1 hr. in the gym adds 2 hrs to your life.
The most common excuses for not going to the gym is "Not enough time" and " I don't know what to do when I get there".
We can help you with both.
Personal Training @ $20 per half hr. session in a safe and secure 24 hr. Fitness Club. Any time any day. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer with 8 years experience. Insured and CPR certified.
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